There are 11 standard colors available for all Feek pieces--

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 Meet FEEK!

You're going to love this fun, comfortable, reconfigurable and highly durable, water- based coated foam offering. Bring personality in to your space with a broad range of colors, sizes and shapes. With FEEKs soft edges and foam construction it's perfect for users of all ages!

Distinct designs, bold colors, and charming shapes bring FEEK Fundamentals to life. And you'll appreciate how FEEK fits in almost anywhere! Create your collaborative space. Design your brainstorming place. It's easy with FEEK! 

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FEEK is distinctively designed so that you can blend it effortlessly to create unique, collaborative environments. You can explore miniature versions for some of the fundamentals and some elements can be used as tables or benches. It can easily be used anywhere-- Public seating areas, Office environments, Informal collaborative spaces, Lobbies, Guest/Side seating, Hospitality and more!

FEEK foam is 100% Recylable! Products are 60% air by volume reflecting minimal materials usage and are only CertiPUR-US® certified foam. FEEK coated foam offers you a highly durable, comfortable, water-based top coat. This top coat greatly reduces VOC emissions and is a more environmentally friendly solution. All products are hygienic, seamless and water resistant for peace of mind and easy care.