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Destiny 2

Where Destiny 3 at?


I REALLY like Warframe, but I think I just haven't kept up with it for long enough so everytime I get deep I quit off being confused at what to do.


Quite possibly one of the best games I ever played the first 4 months.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

I really wanna get into this game so bad but like...everything about it makes my pene shrivel up. the combat, the story, the presentation, the f*cking SQ launcher. I think i bought this game like 5 times on different accounts because they get locked out or the password or email is different than the usual ones or this ones tied to Steam or PS3 or whatever the f*ck its annoying as sh*t.

Club Penguin

getting banned for saying racial slurs speedruns

World of Warcraft

My tenure was recent. I played Shadowlands and Wow Classic for a while and thats it really.

Feels good as hell, but MadSeason was right, the WoWToken killed it.

The Elder Scrolls Online

oddly...this one i think ive put the most hours into if you add steam, non steam, xbone, ps4 versions. WvW pvp was so fun.

Lost Ark

Theres a thing that modern MMOs (I mean older ones did too but it didnt really matter) where soon as you join you get bombarded with a 1000 pop ups and screens that turn me the f*ck off.


NGL this was a really fun MMO before they became P2W as f*ck

Black Desert

Hearing about this game is more fun than playing this game. Honestly if enemies had better hitstun, this would be my mmo of choice, but its really annoying to slash at an army of enemies and they don't even stagger. Flashing white every hit does nothing for me when they hit me once and i die. Or PVP...or the enhancement system....theres a lot. I just wanted to breed horses.

Guild Wars 2

when I did play GW2, it was because a dude would shill it everyday when I made him his coffee while working at starbucks. I think I grinded to max level on 3 different character just off PVP and WvW exclusively. Idek what Fractals and the actual world looks like lol.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

nigg*s roasted me back in the day for writing this game off back when I did MMO reviews. Idk If a game doesn't engage me enough from the start I don't wanna crawl to endgame to get the "true experience".

The story was really great, but you can tell the limitations of not subbing to this game and it's pretty quickly.


racism simulator.

War Thunder

Now with Lots and Lots of Ships!

Old School RuneScape

this is like an accidental add. like i always complete tutorial island then nope out.


Action Combat my ass. But TBF I played a Healer. Its just really dressed up tab target

PlanetSide 2

I had a friend that would nonstop shill this game and everytime I joined it was just chaos and screaming while getting bottlenecked in a room or something. It seems cool but I like being a medic/healer in games so most of my playthrough was just dying and rezzing

DC Universe Online

lowkey...this sh*t was cool as hell


I can't even really recall all that much I was a heneho frfr.

Realm of the Mad God
Phantasy Star Online 2

waited damn near a decade for this game to come out in the west only for them to drop that hot garbage NGS like a year later.


I really liked this game, it was the first game I played where you could change attachments on the fly. I just hated that guns last like 4 games before "expiring" and having to pull lootboxes for grenades.


IN THEORY. this was the perfect D&D game. until folks started making "quick XP/GOLD" dungeons instead of interesting story driven adventures like they were supposed to.

World of Tanks

Lots and Lots of Trains!


Isn't this on mobile now? if not thats a missed opportunity


The gun customization was novel. I really liked this game but it just felt P2W, even though it probably wasn't

New World

I lied on Elyon this was the last MMO I playtested for. I felt it was meh, but mostly it just wasn't for me at the time.

Spiral Knights

How this is still alive while half this list is dead is beyond me, but elite game. Its funny cause you see games like this or Rumble Fighter that would be dead in 6 months in today's gaming landscape after being the Meme game of the month.

Neopets Browser

is this an MMO?

TheHunter: Call of the Wild

ditto with Fishing Planet. Chill without the fear of bugs.

MapleStory 2

This was fun. like truly. but why would you add a BR mode and market that as the main thing?!

Ragnarok Online

The Tim Duncan of MMOs. All Star. Well respected. Defensive Anchor.

Grand Chase

pure hooper.

Albion Online

I just don't like getting gear and then getting ganked by a bunch of dorks while getting T9 wood

Toontown Online

last mmo i really played. played it with my partner. its so chill

Final Fantasy XI Online

Nope. I played a private server for all of 20 minutes and wanted to hang myself navigating the menus.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis
Blacklight: Retribution

Worse Warface

APB Reloaded

just like GTA online you log on and get spawn killed for 30 minutes and quit.

The Lord of the Rings Online
Need for Speed: World

did this even last a year? I remember downloading this and the game blue screening my computer after a couple races.


I think i didn't have enough legacy skill to play this game. I never played a tactical rpg yet when I played this so it was just confusing to me.

AdventureQuest Worlds

elite broke kid gaming.


theres like this weird archetype of anime beat em up, but with a hub world, that get classified as mmos but aren't really mmos but still get treated as mmos that i find really weird.

but hey Mihoyo feasted off the caracas of these games.

Phantasy Star Online

does Universe count as an MMO? cause if so...I'd add it to the list, I got Xbox Live specifically to play Universe.

Anarchy Reigns

wait what? I wanted Anarchy online


I was running tournys for this game. I was deep in the trenches for this game i really wanted to be like esports level tier for this game. but its p2w and when they dropped a new weapon my whole account got wiped, including beta rewards.

Aura Kingdom

I wanted aura kingdom to succeed so badly but it came out the same time RO2, Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia all came out around the same time so it was just a lot of the same.


Rift, AION, Tera, they're all the f*cking same in my eyes

Eve Online

a streamer i used to watch hopped on here and the whole chat joined in together, noped after the first pirate killed me.

GunZ: The Duel

I always confused S4 League with GunZ for a really long time. They both play virtually the same.


i think i might be one of the few that watched the show at the same time.

The PVP was elite in this game.

Tree of Savior

this shouldve been called Ragnarok oNline 2 and RO2 shouldve been called Tree of Savior.

Digimon Masters Online

I love digimon but this sh*t was so boring.

Fishing Planet

chill ass game when you don't got a bitch in ya ear asking why you're playing it


the gameplay of rift is really cool, but the art design is so generic it bleeds into the other "WoW Killers"

Star Trek Online

idk if I can even count this. I downloaded it, tried it for like 20 minutes and quit.


The most ideal MMO of all time killed by greedy f*cks that couldn't just let us have a good thing. I'd even pay for the pro membership bro just keep that P2W away.

Naruto Online

mobile gacha garbage but browser based.


Kinda got me into making yt videos because of this game and how gross it was once i reached max level. its a very fun game, and probably would be a cult classic if it was a fleshed out singleplayer/optional coop game instead.



Perfect World

it was not a perfect world.

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

if it wasnt browser based it wouldve been the worst thing to hit the hood since crack

Combat Arms

In hindsight. this was egregiously p2w.

Dungeon Fighter Online

You was down bad for real for an MMO if you played this. not a jab to DFO, cause its a really good mmo. but like...come on


First MMO

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

my first SMT game before i knew wtf a SMT was.


It was cool at the time, but this really is XBLA core. It was never going to last long.

Dragon Nest

Honestly I think a lot of these MMO Beat Em Ups wouldve been better as full priced fleshed out games.


Greek Warframe.

Second Life

out of curiousity because of that NCIS episode.


I be confusing this with soulworker a lot

Lineage II

This is honestly the purest enjoyment you can have with an MMO. just mindlessly killing everything in your path to level up while PVPing other people.

S4 League

Is you Esporting son?

MU Online

these are dark times.

3on3 Freestyle



ngl this sh*t is cool as hell. You have your own crew and ship. I thought it was pretty cool. I was going to play this with my partner whenever they get away from binging entire book series.


bootleg Ragnarok Online.

MicroVolts Surge

the aesthetic is mad cool. i'm glad they brought it back too.

Gaia Online

this is more or less a social media than it is an mmo. but i did also like learn about Flyff from here.

AdventureQuest 3D

elite broke kid gaming 2


you know you're a broke kid if you downloaded this on your Xbox

Dragon Ball Online

this walked so Xenoverse could run.

Battlefield Play4Free

Whats the other Battlefield game where it looked all cartoony? I swear it was also named Play4Free

Eden Eternal

i think this is one of the few mmos i really got like endgame meta ass troglodyte tier in. i hate being that deep in.

The Secret World

This game was goated. But I think it released before Destiny released, and even after the rebrand, it couldn't last. Like If they allowed a couple more years to release they could've took that second spot after Destiny in the Live Service realm. The quest, the world, everything was really fleshed out.


I wish I was like 10 years older so I can be a boomer about this

Cabal Online

Its actually really unique. I liked my month with this game, the skills were really flashy and movement felt good.

Fiesta Online

middle school royalty right here.

Free Realms

how tf did sony butchter this?!

Allods Online

"We got WOW at home!"
its so deriative, even down to the UI its actually kinda sad. I didn't evne play WoW yet at the time and was like "this is too close"

Ragnarok Online 2

Hands down the best anime artstyle i've seen in a game. to this day


13 days ago

This comment was deleted


12 days ago

What did you think of Tabula Rasa when it was out?
I thought they were quick to can it - it had a fun loop and some promising gameplay elements.


11 days ago

@WhatGameBefore I played it during the final month when it went free to play. Looking back it was kinda ahead of it's time in terms of gameplay but I just remember shooting random stuff at like 4fps having a blast

'Compendium of MMOs' a list of games by sondi | Backloggd (2024)
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