Finance Solutions For Trendway

We all know starting a new company is an intimidating proposition, and a would-be business-owner’s principal concern is cost. Though you may be worried about your cash flow,  there is good news! Powerful lease and finance programs are now available with Trendway furniture. Over the years, many businesses have discovered that financing and leasing programs specifically addressing the acquisition of furniture systems makes economic sense while allowing for expansion and upgrades as necessary.

The Trendway product line provides countless choices and as a result, the financing component must also allow for creativity and customization. Trendway offers creative and flexible financing programs that make it simple, easy and affordable to acquire all of your office furniture needs. With affordable low payments instead of a big cash outlay to finance solutions created to meet your specific budget requirements, there are several programs to finance the total cost of your investment and conserve working capital and preserve existing bank credit lines. By offering a variety of programs and structuring options at extremely competitive rates, Trendway is your singular source of obtaining the furniture systems and finance plan that makes the most sense for your unique and specific business requirements.

Trendway delivers these great benefits from competitive, flexible financing with industry leading service.

  • Effective Use of an Asset
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
  • Conservation of Capital
  • Flexible Payment and Structuring Options
  • Competitive Rates
  • Simplicity, Speed and Convenience

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