Glass That Moves. Glass That Transforms.

Glass that MOVES

Why limit a Glassboard to one side? Re-think the way work spaces use writable surfaces with Flip by Clarus Glassboards. Flip allows both sides of a Clarus Board to be utilized for a heightened design aesthetic and elegant functionality.


A Clarus Glassboard when you need one, a piece of art when you don’t. Designer Dony Dawson was inspired by minimalist design and simple lines while observing design trends in Europe. Enhance any space with a beautiful mix of Clarus Boards on one side and acoustical panels with custom prints, patterns and colors on the other side. 

Flip Boards

Never before has a glass board been able to move like Clarus Flip . Transform your space with a simple flip! Customize your Flip to define your space. Flip is available with 10 beautiful frame colors in an anodized and powder coated finish. Specify over 150 glass colors from Colors by Clarus . Then, complete your Flip with 5 acoustic panel styles and 15 panel colors!