Magnus Olesen Exclusively From Trendway

Building on earlier successes collaborating with global partners, Trendway Corporation launched a collection of museum-quality Magnus Olesen furniture designs for the North American market.

Founded in 1937, Magnus Olesen has a rich history of elegant, iconic and functional seating and table designs.  The firm collaborates with some of Denmark’s most celebrated Designers and Architects to produce furniture that embodies the Nordic design tradition of simplicity, beauty and utility.

This addition of upscale wood furniture provides a natural complement to Trendway’s current offering. They will be featuring several classic designs including:

The Butterfly Chair 

 Niels Gammelgaard’s brilliant flight of imagination, Butterfly exemplifies Nordic design traditions of pure materials, simple form and artistic craftsmanship. 

Elegant, Feather-light and distinctive, Butterfly also offers practical seating comfort and flawless, durable craftsmanship. The sculpted shell affords flexibility and intrinsic lumbar support.

Butterfly Chair
i-Sit Chair

The i-Sit Chair

A truly innovative chair provides distinctive seating comfort, adaptable to all users. The design was founded on extensive research into the needs of a large variety of users, along with advice from ergonomists and back specialists. With consulate artistic sensibility, Lone Storgaard translated this knowledge into seating that is as comfortable and responsive as it is striking.

8000 Series

Elegant and unique, the 8000 Series embodies core Danish design principles of simplicity, flawless craftsmanship, and function. The artistry of construction almost defies logic, with ingenious joinery precise enough to create great strength and seamless integration without tenons, screws or dowels. This patented process is unique to 8000 Series, which includes the 8002 Chair and 8000 stool.

Mix Table Set

Mix Table Series

Since mid-century, Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sorensen have collaborated to create museum-quality designs in laminated and molded wood. The Mix Table series exemplifies their emphasis on simple, ingenious and functional concepts that meet high aesthetic and quality standards.

Pete Phillips, Director of Product Commercialization at Trendway says, “The Phased launch of Magnus Olesen wood and upholstered furniture designs represents the next chapter in our product strategy that is increasingly attracting the attention of architects and designers throughout North America.” He also notes, “I am very excited and pleased with the reaction we have received, especially from designers that have been looking for something fresh to specify for work and home applications.”

Magnus Olesen is now available exclusively from Trendway. Information is also available on