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What constitutes a learning environment is changing - the spaces where students learn are becoming more community-driven. The right educational furniture can support the versatility needed to create these spaces. Many of the products that we offer have options that support the different ways of teaching and learning such as classroom tables, chairs, desks and much more. The right furniture can make all feel welcome and support the school in its mission to demand excellence. JS Interior Innovations can deliver series performance features in a clean, attractive design package. The products that we have to offer let you create just the configuration you need.

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Free-Standing Training Tables

This family of training tables delivers serious performance features in a clean, attractive design package. Smart shapes and sizes let you create just the configuration you need, while effective power and data option capabilities support today's learning environments. Tables glide into place when needed, the nest for space-saving storage when not in use. Team them with the Zego chair for a space people will love to learn in.

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Ivy League Classroom Furniture

Ivy League classroom desks offer a timeless style that meets specific classroom needs now and adapts to the needs of the future. Several desk styles are available, including open front, lift lid, laminate top, trapezoid, chair/desk combos and double entry desks. Series 10 classroom chairs have seats and backs that are thermo-set hard plastic in four fixed sizes or with adjustable legs. Ivy League classroom desks have unbeatable quality, incredible durability and an industry-leading 15 year warranty.

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Portico Lounge Tables

The clean, simple lines of the Portico lounge tables lend a uniform appearance to any room. These lounge tables are affordable without sacrificing design options or durability. Portico tables are available in many shapes, sizes and leg styles, giving you the options to define the look and functionality of any environment.

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Intellect Wave Classroom Chairs

Intellect Wave's unique flexing back provides exceptional comfort and permits a degree of movement that results in better attentiveness and learning. Engineered to withstand tough classroom use, Wave exceeds industry standards for durability. The result is classroom furniture that gives years of low-maintenance service with a selection of colors and finishes that will adapt to any environment.

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Jet Task Seating

Need flexibility and versatility? Count on Jet to meet your needs! You'll like this versatile, multi-use chair for all it has to offer. Stack, task, tandem and stool models, offered in a variety of colors, are part of the family. Jet's ergonomically-contoured polypropylene shell provides durable performance and flexible comfort. Choose from an upholstered seat, upholstered seat and back, or non-upholstered. Jet offers a solid set of solutions for every environment where seating is desired.

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Zego Seating

Go for the best in design, comfort, quality and value in a flip/nest chair! Sleek Zego seating embraces the body with comfort and pleases the eye with style. Zego zips into place when needed, then nests snugly out of the way when not in use. For spaces where people meet, learn, work and relax!

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Uniframe Cafeteria Table

School space must often adapt to multiple uses - cafeterias often double as meeting spaces or performance venues. Cafeteria furniture must adjust to these multiple needs quickly, safely and easily. Uniframe Cafeteria tables make it easy to  accommodate any number of functions in one space. Available in square, rectangular, round, oval, hexagonal and octagonal shapes. Safe, easy operation and mobility, easy rearrangement, easy storage and easy room cleaning make Uniframe tables a smart choice.

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