Medical & Healthcare Applications


We now have a complete offering of evolutive furniture solutions designed and manufactured with exceptional care to cover the full needs of healthcare establishments, from hospitals to long-term care facilities and clinics of all types. Waiting areas, patient rooms, nursing stations, whatever the application, our modular approach allows for fast and easy configuration and reconfiguration.

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Solis Patient Seating

The result of an intensive, multi-year research and development process, Solis is one of the most advanced seating designs ever created for healing environments. Using evidence-based design, Solis has been created to address the complex criteria cited by specifiers, patients and caregiving staff for furnishing healthcare facilities.

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Tranquility Treatment Spaces

Tranquility is the result of extensive consultation with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable specifiers of treatment space, along with facilities and care-giving staff in this specialized area. Its designed to create cancer and other treatment environments that are highly efficient and functional for caregivers to work in - but most of all, to make treatment for the patient as humane as possible.

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Soltíce Recliners

Recline and relax in the comfort of the Soltíce Recliner. The sleek, clean style is combined with contoured support to make the patient feel at home. The Soltíce Recliner accommodates the need for comfort and safety. With its 360-degree rotation and central locking casters, it also allows caregivers to do their jobs more easily. For ease of maintenance, the seats and backs are field-replaceable.

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Affina Patient Chair

Affina reflects an aesthetic that speaks to all environments by articulating a timeless vision, bringing to life the finer points of line and movement, function and sophistication. The Affina patient chair offers vital respite along the path to patient recovery. Whether as a stationary chair or with therapeutic motion, the Affina patient chair is built to provide the patient with all the support and comfort needed to ease the mind and body.

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Trevisa Casegoods

From more than three years of extensive R&D, including consultation with several leading healthcare specifiers, comes Trevisa: a solution for patient rooms and other care-giving settings, methodically designed to set a new standard of excellence. We focused on learning the key challenges facing healthcare facilities, and the needs not being met by conventional casegoods products - and used this knowledge to create a more advanced design.

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